Post 7 – Wow.

•May 11, 2008 • 2 Comments

1960 Omelenchuk Original

No pictures yet, too busy.
Amazing scenery and weather coming soon, but this bike was worth a post.


Post 6 – I’m Here

•May 2, 2008 • 5 Comments

Alfred Stieglitz, New York Series: Spring, 1947


No, I’m not in New York, but this is as accurate a representation I can get about my feelings towards this new work setting.

My temporary home is actually in Gardner, which lies about an hour away from Boston. The town is a beautiful change from the cities I am used to (Orlando and Bradenton). There are wonderful hills that engulf you on every road, and only one part of town (center) that is littered with convenient stores and businesses, which is a good 5-10 miles away, which is also the closest to any shopping at all I can do.

The roads are very narrow and curve often, which makes bike riding more dangerous than I’m used to.  Hopefully Bikes not Bombs will let me build a bike for free, and then I’ll be able to just give it to them before I move back.

Pictures soon.

Post 5 – Leaving town

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So today I leave Orlando and shortly I’ll be heading to Massachusetts for my internship.

Before I left I got to visit Todd Bertolaet‘s gallery at the Crealde School of Art in Winter Park. His work was very interesting, in the scrapbook-journal style I believe he wrote was similar to old scrapbooks of his grandparents. What really interested me was the advertisement of Southern autographics and landscapes. The style didn’t really sit with me well because I’m very picky about post-production (less is more) and sometimes the photographs were so busy with surrounding text, stickers and postcards it took away from the photographs – most of which were incredible. On his site most of the collection, albeit much smaller, can be found here, along with some very nice river collections.

Also, check out Clyde Butcher, the Ansel Adams of Florida.

I won’t be able to take any bikes with me so I’ll hopefully be able to work with Bikes not Bombs or some other co-op and get a bike. I’m going crazy because I haven’t really been able to ride for a week now. This translates to my time being spent on:


…using my handy dandy SNES controller I wired to the parallel port with a GBA emulator.

Post 4 – East Orlando Alleycat

•April 21, 2008 • 7 Comments

For being put together last minute, the event was a big success. After everyone racing threw down 5$, we ended up with $131 (someone only had $1 on them, it’s all good). $30 of this went to bee– I mean supplies for the race. We had 3 categories that took $30 each: 1st place overall, 1st non road bike, and 1st woman. We also awarded the leftover $11 to D.F.L.


  1. Dickie G (1:08 )
  2. Eric Z (1:08 )
  3. Paul S (1:08 )
  4. Matt O (1:09)
  5. Amanda P (1:10)
  6. Steve W (1:10)
  7. Alex B (1:10)
  8. Juan B (1:11)
  9. Ryan G (1:11)
  10. LeAnn A (1:12)
  11. Matt W
    & Phil J (1:15)
  12. Jasen S (1:20)
  13. Lasalle B (1:22)
  14. Kelly T (1:23) (TIRED)
  15. Even W (1:23)
  16. Mike P (1:24)
  17. Stephanie C (1:24)
  18. Dave S (1:28 )
  19. Leslie W (1:43)
  20. Liz Cherskin (1:44)
  21. Jared W (!:45)
  22. Metha D
    Michelle H
    TBM!! (1:46)
  23. Ben H (1:49)

1st place: Dickie!

1st place non road bike: Eric!

1st place woman: Amanda!

Dead Fucking Last: Benny!

Special prize: Best poet on wheels (2nd to last checkpoint had folks write a haiku): LIZ!

You can find the complete set of the “Photoshoot with Jared” checkpoint, click on phil:

A big thank you goes out to all the volunteers without whom this event could not have happened!

On a more upsetting note. My new wheelset got ruined:

Post 3 – A video post

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Chris Walker’s mini documentary of women who ride bikes in Orlando:

Also, Phil and I had some fun with spray paint at fARTsy fair:

Post 2 – Beautiful FGG finds

•April 15, 2008 • 8 Comments

For a little while now I’ve been noting the bikes that really stick out in my mind when I browse FGG. I try to stay away from super fancy pursuit frames or Pistas with absurd upgrades and focus on a combination of aesthetics and unique\interesting buildups. They are in no particular order.

Schwinn LeTour winter beater buildup

Geoffrey Butler Track Bike

meo trackbike – handbuilt by ‘Meo’ in zurich

1976 Schwinn Paramount short-couple frame

Richard Moon

custom rigid MTB frame fixed

Colnago Super Pantografata 1973

1966 Pogliaghi Stayer Bike from vienna

Tommasini Prestige – campy buildup

folding bike, hand laced wheels

And my personal favorite track frame I’ve come across:
Peugeot track frame from the 60s

Post 1 – first post post

•April 14, 2008 • 2 Comments

For the first post of this superior blog I’d like to promote the upcoming east Orlando alleycat:

Everyone and every bike is welcome, and the route we planned is roughly 10 to 13 miles all within a mile or two of UCF. If you have a facebook, you should join our event. The cycling community is taking over UCF. Now the school has to decide on adding a 6th parking garage or a covered bike rack. Or develop a 2nd Pain Gun.