This is a superior blog dedicated to the east Orlando community and how I experience it, particularly the cycling and college aspects of it.

About me: I’m a college student at the University of Central Florida majoring in Electrical Engineering and pursuing a minor in Computer Science. Java development, FPGA design/soft programming and circuit design, and most avenues of object oriented programming are my computer focuses.

I enjoy, possibly too much, all type of cycling, and am involved in cycling advocacy in the east Orlando area. My bike entourage: Bianchi Fremont track bike, Trek 1000 road bike, and a fixed gear conversion of a 70s  Peugeot beater bike.

If you are curious about the vulgar name and title of this blog, I suggest you watch Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job. This particular reference is a skit with David Cross.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. I just moved out to this side of town from downtown. I’ve just been riding around the UCF area, searching desperately (but still contently) for people to ride with.

    When do you guys ride?
    Where do you meet?


  2. Hey Kim

    Ryan is in Boston, however I can direct you to the bike co-op that many of us are involved with, named cleverly The Spokes Council. We meet tomorrow (Monday) at 4 at the Store-All space behind the Krispy Kreme on University near campus. Just go to the gate, and holler and we will see you. I will be there for sure working on my new bike.

    During the summer it is pretty slow, everyone is either gone or working. But have no fear! Once Fall begins, there are plenty of bike lovers around campus and we do weekly rides, so I’m sure you will meet lots of people to ride with.

    Do you have facebook? If so, there are some groups you should add to keep up to date with the latest events…So let me know.

    See you soon =)

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