Post 13 – Morning Rides and Eating Well

Tofu Lettcue Wraps with red pepper hummus:

Followed up by some scrumptious PB Chocolate Oat Cookies:

Which were great fuel for a weekend of bike rides:

The bike rides, although lasting about 1/4 the time I’m used to due to hills that eat me alive, are incredible. The roadside scenery in Florida doesn’t hold a candle to this; even the Longboat Key ride is so cluttered with development and ritzy places that you only get sparse sections of coast to enjoy. Maybe next time I’ll bring my Nikon, but for now my phone camera is impressing me. Enjoy the pictures.


~ by blitzgren on July 28, 2008.

8 Responses to “Post 13 – Morning Rides and Eating Well”

  1. Ryan I love you

  2. The tofu lettuce wraps look good. What all did you do with the tofu?

  3. Pretty much what the recipe I linked to said; throw some salt and pepper and a little soy sauce onto some tofu cut into cubes and bake for about a half hour. Then I threw it into some onions garlic and peppers I had cooking up.

  4. Yeah I checked out the link but I still wanted to know what YOU did! But I see…thanks.

  5. I throw cayenne into everything, so that was different. And did you seriously put your email as ‘’?

  6. I love Cayenne. Off road AND sporty! Sorry. And yes, I definitely did put that.

  7. did you really think he’d get a car reference.

  8. Sorry, you lost me at the cookie recipe, LOL.

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