Post 12 – Planescape: Torment

I have finished Torment.

I *know* the game.

*Know* that it is a game worthwhile.

I enjoyed this game immensely. It’s typical RPG “fetch X and I’ll give you Y” gameplay did not overshadow an intriguing storyline that immersed me even more than Baldur’s Gate did. I’m hoping I can find a current game with witty and thoughtful storylines on par with this game, once I am able to play them. Or maybe I’ll just spoil myself with an eye candy dungeon crawl that better be released soon (wishful thinking I know – we can all appreciate xmas 2010).

Ultimately I’m just going to become a fanboy on September 7th.

I played Ben Yahtzee’s Chzo Mythos series (well, the 3 main games and notes) and walked away entertained and happy to see a great indie game on a widely used engine. Fast forward a few weeks and I watch the Escapist on X-Play, want more, and boom. The same guy.

That’s all from video game land.


~ by blitzgren on July 19, 2008.

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