Post 10 – From the shed

I love how easy this is. I also love this shed.

I needed only a few common tools (namely a screwdriver and a large wrench) to take this bike apart due to the one piece crank, some sandpaper to sand it down, the ever handy mineral spirits to clean up the parts, a touch of spraypaint, and voilĂ :

Don’t make fun of the kickstand; I didn’t have the tools to remove it.

I wish I would have had this bike as my first fix up. It was simple, didn’t require much, and I would have still learned the fundamentals of a build. The only tasks left to do are: obtain some grease and apply it to the newly cleaned bearings (headset and bottom bracket), buy some handlebar tape and inner tubes, and finally fix the rear wheel. I’ll finally have an excuse to ride down to Boston’s Bike Not Bombs again for the latter task.

Believe it or not I’ve also been tinkering with c++. My project:

I will be using boost‘s c++ library to create a map that is procedurally generated (Conway’s GOL which I’ve mentioned before) to create wall and floor object. Floor objects will hold several randomly place ant objects that will use the A* pathfinding algorithms to search for clumps of food object, and carry them to a designated storage area and then stop. This will help me develop a stronger understanding of the c++ object syntax, using templates, pathfinding and graph algorithms, and I’m also attempting to create this in a nice organized manner filewise. So far I’ve:

  • Created a template class of ‘entity’s that will be used for floor, wall, ant, and food objects. Floors and ants can hold objects.
  • Created a map of floors and walls.

I’m still working on combining the objects with the procedural generation.

At any rate, by next update I should be finished with the Schwinn, beginning on the sobering up Raleigh, and almost finished with ants.exe.

As for your bike post, I was taken by Brett Ohland’s Sekine, although I don’t agree with the bar tape choice.


~ by blitzgren on July 6, 2008.

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    int main()
    std::cout << “how could you change the site name. It’s going to take a while to forgive you for this.\n”;

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