Post 6 – I’m Here

Alfred Stieglitz, New York Series: Spring, 1947


No, I’m not in New York, but this is as accurate a representation I can get about my feelings towards this new work setting.

My temporary home is actually in Gardner, which lies about an hour away from Boston. The town is a beautiful change from the cities I am used to (Orlando and Bradenton). There are wonderful hills that engulf you on every road, and only one part of town (center) that is littered with convenient stores and businesses, which is a good 5-10 miles away, which is also the closest to any shopping at all I can do.

The roads are very narrow and curve often, which makes bike riding more dangerous than I’m used to.  Hopefully Bikes not Bombs will let me build a bike for free, and then I’ll be able to just give it to them before I move back.

Pictures soon.


~ by blitzgren on May 2, 2008.

5 Responses to “Post 6 – I’m Here”

  1. Orlando misses you already!

  2. While you have been gone, i’ve switched Anita to a singlespeed and was working on Austin’s. We realized though, after some work, that the new chain he bought was too wide to use with his converted to singlespeed back wheel.

    You should’ve been here for the repairs. I’m looking forward to doing some bike co-op stuff this summer with my free time, the collective will hopefully be up, running, radical, and stable by the time of your return.

  3. Wow, creating this blog was actually a good idea in the end.

  4. I have a blog now, there is nothing on it yet, but still.

  5. I agree, keep us updated!

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