Post 5 – Leaving town

So today I leave Orlando and shortly I’ll be heading to Massachusetts for my internship.

Before I left I got to visit Todd Bertolaet‘s gallery at the Crealde School of Art in Winter Park. His work was very interesting, in the scrapbook-journal style I believe he wrote was similar to old scrapbooks of his grandparents. What really interested me was the advertisement of Southern autographics and landscapes. The style didn’t really sit with me well because I’m very picky about post-production (less is more) and sometimes the photographs were so busy with surrounding text, stickers and postcards it took away from the photographs – most of which were incredible. On his site most of the collection, albeit much smaller, can be found here, along with some very nice river collections.

Also, check out Clyde Butcher, the Ansel Adams of Florida.

I won’t be able to take any bikes with me so I’ll hopefully be able to work with Bikes not Bombs or some other co-op and get a bike. I’m going crazy because I haven’t really been able to ride for a week now. This translates to my time being spent on:


…using my handy dandy SNES controller I wired to the parallel port with a GBA emulator.


~ by blitzgren on April 28, 2008.

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