Post 4 – East Orlando Alleycat

For being put together last minute, the event was a big success. After everyone racing threw down 5$, we ended up with $131 (someone only had $1 on them, it’s all good). $30 of this went to bee– I mean supplies for the race. We had 3 categories that took $30 each: 1st place overall, 1st non road bike, and 1st woman. We also awarded the leftover $11 to D.F.L.


  1. Dickie G (1:08 )
  2. Eric Z (1:08 )
  3. Paul S (1:08 )
  4. Matt O (1:09)
  5. Amanda P (1:10)
  6. Steve W (1:10)
  7. Alex B (1:10)
  8. Juan B (1:11)
  9. Ryan G (1:11)
  10. LeAnn A (1:12)
  11. Matt W
    & Phil J (1:15)
  12. Jasen S (1:20)
  13. Lasalle B (1:22)
  14. Kelly T (1:23) (TIRED)
  15. Even W (1:23)
  16. Mike P (1:24)
  17. Stephanie C (1:24)
  18. Dave S (1:28 )
  19. Leslie W (1:43)
  20. Liz Cherskin (1:44)
  21. Jared W (!:45)
  22. Metha D
    Michelle H
    TBM!! (1:46)
  23. Ben H (1:49)

1st place: Dickie!

1st place non road bike: Eric!

1st place woman: Amanda!

Dead Fucking Last: Benny!

Special prize: Best poet on wheels (2nd to last checkpoint had folks write a haiku): LIZ!

You can find the complete set of the “Photoshoot with Jared” checkpoint, click on phil:

A big thank you goes out to all the volunteers without whom this event could not have happened!

On a more upsetting note. My new wheelset got ruined:


~ by blitzgren on April 21, 2008.

7 Responses to “Post 4 – East Orlando Alleycat”

  1. Sweet fucking race! Oh, and fuck the mountain bikers and their sweet shortcuts through the woods!

  2. Also, holly fucking shit on your rim!

  3. when people tie, you usually skip the following number in the ranks. Example, two tie for fourth, there is no fifth, next is sixth, but it doesn’t really make a difference.

    It was a great race. Next time you better ride.

  4. very true, phil. I used the automatic numbering which prevents me from skipping numbers as far as I could tell. meh

    I’ll be riding next race, if only to beat you.

  5. I’m so glad that Jared/Flava Flave could make it to the race! thank you so much everybody for coming out and racing. I hope everyone had a blastoff. Is it P.C. for a fixie rider to fall in love with a mountain biker?

  6. Oh Jen…

  7. P.C.?

    No it’s not ok Jen, stick to your roots

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