Post 2 – Beautiful FGG finds

For a little while now I’ve been noting the bikes that really stick out in my mind when I browse FGG. I try to stay away from super fancy pursuit frames or Pistas with absurd upgrades and focus on a combination of aesthetics and unique\interesting buildups. They are in no particular order.

Schwinn LeTour winter beater buildup

Geoffrey Butler Track Bike

meo trackbike – handbuilt by ‘Meo’ in zurich

1976 Schwinn Paramount short-couple frame

Richard Moon

custom rigid MTB frame fixed

Colnago Super Pantografata 1973

1966 Pogliaghi Stayer Bike from vienna

Tommasini Prestige – campy buildup

folding bike, hand laced wheels

And my personal favorite track frame I’ve come across:
Peugeot track frame from the 60s


~ by blitzgren on April 15, 2008.

8 Responses to “Post 2 – Beautiful FGG finds”

  1. That peugot will always have a place in our hearts

  2. Dude, fuck the Peugeot, remember this one?

  3. gross juan

  4. Blasphemy!

  5. That Peugeot is beautiful. That soviet style pursuit frame is strange.

  6. i love the peugot a lot.

  7. After reading Sheldon Brown’s article about his experiences with a Raleigh twenty I’ve become obsessed with finding one to ride.

  8. Ditto! Especially after seeing this conversion

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